Presentations and

 Guest Speakers 

HPAC fequently hosts presentations by their members and other leading experts on a variety of global climate issues.  Links to the presentation slides, references, and recordings for these sessions are available below.  

Guest Speaker Recordings & References

Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald OBE FREng,  Director Centre for Climate Repair(CCRC), Cambridge, December 15, 2022

Recording: CCRC Climate Solutions Research Update

Slides:        The Three "R's" of Climate Repair

BioChar: A Climate Solution? December 1, 2022

Recording: Expert Panel Discussion facilitated by Dr. Brian von Herzen 

Slides:       BioChar Herzt Summer Workshop

Peter Eisenberger, "Rapid Scaling of Equitable Climate Innovations" November 17, 2022

     Recording: Rapid Scaling of Equitable Climate Innovations

Andrew Lockley, Research Associate, University College London , October 20, 2022

     Recording: The Case for Geoengineering 

Dr. Jesse Reynolds, Executive Secretary, The Climate Overshoot Commission, September 8, 2022

Recording: The Climate Overshoot Commission

Slides:   Dr. Jesse Reynolds, Climate Overshoot Commission HPAC Presentation

Soumitra Das,  President, Healthy Climate Initiative, August 5, 2022

Slides: Climate Benefit Concert for Saving the Himalayan Glaciers

Ye Tao,  Founder & Director, MEER, April 21, 2022

Recording: Solar Radiation Management: Cooling the Planet with Surface Reflectors

Robert Tulip,  Director, Iron Salt Aerosol, April 7, 2022

Slides: 1. Climate Arithmetic 2. Global Solutions 3. A Starting Point

David Mitchell, March 10, 2022

Slides: Can Cirrus Clouds Cool the Arctic?

Will Burns, Visiting Professor, Environmental Policy & Culture Program, Northwestern University 

Recording: Climate Change Solutions Governance Issues

Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director, The Climate Foundation

Recording: Restoring Nutrient Value Chains via Marine Permaculture (and winning the XPrize for Carbon Removal Milestone)

Ron Baiman,  Author and Associate Professor of Economics, Benedictine Univerity, March 5, 2022

Slides: Our Two Climate Crisis Challenge


Our Two Climate Crises Challenge: Urgent Cooling and Long-Run GHG Removal & Ecological Regeneration, August 1, 2022

Bru Pearce,  Author and Director of Management,Envisionation, February 2022

Slides: Envsionation: Biosphere Restoration Plan

Rafe Pomerance, Senior Arctic Policy Fellow, Woodwell Climate Research Center, December 16, 2021

Recording: A Conversation with Rafe Pomerance


The Arctic is Warming Four Times Faster than the Rest of the World, Paul Voshen; Science, December 14, 2021

US Arctic Report Card Is Incomplete, Zaelke, Dreyfus, Pomerance, & Bodansky; The Hill, December 14, 2021

Herb Simmens, Author, September 29, 2021

Slides: Climate Restoration Through the Climate Quad